About Me

Welcome to my James Augusti Portfolio website covering all things business. With over a decade’s experience in the SME sector I will be trying to fill this space with insightful and helpful business information and news and examples of my latest projects via James Augusti Consulting and my various other interests.

I have experience not only first hand in running my own businesses but also working with clients across a broad range of sectors.  My knowledge is based from my studies, first hand experience of my own businesses and finally experiences in helping my clients develop their own businesses and brands. I am actively involved with numerous businesses on a direct consultancy basis along with management of many digital marketing brands which keeps me extremely active within the business community.

My current business portfolio includes the following:

  • Digital Advertising Businesses
  • Business Consultancy
  • Business Finance
  • E-commerce Watch Store

Digital Advertising

I am heavily involved in the digital marketing advertising sector and have been since 2009. I hold shares in numerous SEO and Web Design Businesses and it is a sector I am extremely passionate about and have been ever since I built my first website back in 2004!

Business Consultancy

I offer a professional business consultancy service for small businesses and have been able to work with some exciting brands and projects over the past few years. Although my experience and expertise is in Digital Marketing I also have extensive knowledge on business finance, sales training, franchising and much more.

Business Finance

I work with numerous businesses helping them with business finance arrangements, these include commercial mortgages, bridging loans, asset finance and many more finance products.

E-commerce Watch Store

I have always had a passion for watches and in 2015 I had an opportunity to launch and Online watch store offering specialising in luxury brands such as Rolex. I been able to establish a strong trade network which has allowed the business to offer customers a very bespoke service.

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