Current Projects

Here is a list of Current Projects I’m Working on:

Found 1st Online

Found 1st is a Digital Marketing Agency offering bespoke business solutions in the B2B sector. After several successful years working with UK clients in 2022 we launched a new office in Dubai to service clients within the UAE and throughout the middle east. After a fast launch in the country we have already secured some luxury brands within the hospitality sector and are continue to expand our operations in the region.

JA Consulting

Having established a strong business I work with several brands on a regular basis through James Augusti Consulting. Typically my role is heavily linked with Digital Marketing working in a wide range of sectors. I also have vast experience in Business Management and Start Up Ventures. The majority of my consultancy work is with a handful of longstanding clients so this element of my portfolio isn’t something I have ever had to actively advertise or push but I do enjoy the variety with consultancy work and being able to work with a business on a very specific goal.

Stars Group

I started the Stars Group back in 2012 helping build the brand and creating a completely unique business review platform(Star Reviews) allowing UK businesses to build their own review platform linking all of their Online Reviews through the portal. The reviews would link from Facebook, TrustPilot and Google allowing the customers to showcase all of their credible online reviews together within the portal which could then be linked to their website.

After many successful years the business was able to expand within the industry and subsequently went on to create new brands within the business.

Stars now have several brands offering a wide range of business services from Website Development, Hosting, social media management and lots more with specialist teams working within each part of the business.

Our products now stretch over numerous brands under the Stars umbrella working with thousands of businesses throughout the UK.

Watch Store

What started as a hobby buying and selling watches quickly became a business. After creating an Online Store named Swiss Watch Specialist I built up a network of local trade suppliers allowing us to offer strong watch valuations for local customers.

After several years of running the store, we have become locally established and recognised as a reputable dealer for luxury swiss watch brands such as Rolex, IWC and Omega.

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