SEO for B2B vs B2C

SEO as a general rule works better in the B2C, as typically most businesses are not actively searching for products or services at the same rate as consumers meaning companies specifically targeting consumers tend to see better returns from SEO. This isn’t to say that businesses don’t benefit from having a strong search engine presence, but it’s not as powerful as within this sector. Most B2B businesses tend to find a better ROI from email marketing, social marketing campaigns and LinkedIn.

For B2C based firms whereby customers are actively searching for your services at a higher rate SEO can be a much more lucrative method of marketing and a mean of investing in your website. Once visitors have landed on your web page it would be recommended to create a sales funnel in an order to maximise the amount of visitors who interact or buy on your website. From here businesses can also create numerous re-marketing techniques to recapture the viewer once they have left your website.

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