2020 Website Re-Brand

I have finally updated the website making it more up to date with my current portfolio. In business things tend to change extremely quickly and the last website I ever tend to work on is that of your own.

I plan to use this blog more regularly moving forward to showcase more work etc.

James Augusti Consulting

James Augusti Consulting Website Update Coming Soon….


Post to come….

Creating a Social Media Campaign

Creating a Social Media Campaign isn’t as straightforward as you may initially think, not that technically speaking it is hard to create but more from the point of view that there are countless decisions to make in order to best execute your campaign.  Behind all good social media campaigns is a good strategy, so here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Create a plan before you start
  2. Decide what platforms you will use
  3. Establish what you are looking to achieve
  4. Decide how you are going to engage your target audience
  5. Find software to streamline and schedule your posts
  6. Monitor your campaigns
  7. Enhance your pages with a paid adverts

Hopefully the above tips will provide some guidance, more in depth social media based blogs will be posted over the coming weeks covering each platform in much more detail.

Email Marketing

Loved by some and completely misunderstood by others but what is the key to a good email marketing campaign?

I run email campaigns for a lot of businesses and it’s interesting to see how subscribers react to different kinds of brands.  The key to a good email campaign cannot be summarised in one word, but if I had to pick one it would be ‘engage’.  Brands and companies that are able to engage with their audience have a response that their rivals could only dream of.  Here are 5 quick tips on Email Marketing:

  1. Data – always use subscribed data, and never buy it!
  2. Create Interest – do you have some news or any offers?
  3. Mobile Friendly – ensure it’s readable on all formats.
  4. Know Your Goals – make sure readers have a link to follow
  5. Engage with your audience! 


WordPress vs Html

This is a question that I get a lot from customers! Truth is the answer is fully dependable on what you are looking to achieve.  I’ll get a post up over the coming days analysing the pro’s and con’s of both formats.

Personal Introduction

Welcome to my personal business blog where you will find all a range of posts and information on Digital Marketing, Social Media and Advertising.  I am an independent business consultant based in Bournemouth UK.  Having ran businesses for over 10 years and felt bot the highs and lows I’ll be using this space to share thoughts, views and relevant articles.

Facebook Ads

If you are running your business online you have probably come across numerous ways to get your business in front of potential customers.  The most common and proven method for businesses is via search marketing on Google, but has social media become the larger powerhouse?  The answer is maybe…. Facebooks ads platform turnover has risen by 57% over the past twelve months showing a huge increase in revenue.

The stats show that business owners are investing more and more in Facebook, but in order to ensure a strong return it is important that the advertisers have a strong social campaign and portfolio that their audiences are able to engage with.  I’ll cover this more in the coming weeks.

Thanks, James Augusti.


Thanks for your visit and welcome to my blog, hopefully you will find some interesting and insightful posts on all things business.